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George Lester Northup (known as Lester) was born December 26, 1917 the son of George Harvey and Hazel Northup . He married Betty May Harris, December 14, 1941; divorced May 27, 1964. He remarried to Grace Williams, November 4, 1989. George Lester Northup's page is under construction. Please check back often for updates.

George Lester Northup Family

Children of Lester and Betty Northup

Brent Lee Northup b. February 19, 1946 m. December 28, 1967 to Sue Danielson (b. March 16, 1946, to John and Rowena Danielson) of Mount Vernon, Washington
Wendy Northup m. Gino Barone
Grand Children of Lester and Betty Northup: Child of Brent and Sue Northup: (1). Katherine Debjani, b. December 28, 1986, and adopted June 1987. Child of Wendy and Gino Barone: (1). Gina Marguerita Barone, b. January 23, 1980